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AMH-chapter 32 outline - American History 2020 Chapter 32...

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American History 2020 Chapter 32 Outline The Politics of Boom and Bust [1920-1932] I. War debate Debacle A. French and British demanded Germans make $32 billion war reparations B. Allies hoped to repay war debts to U.S with war reparations from Germany. C. Germany didn’t repay allies-British and French didn’t pay U.S. 1. French sent troops into Germany 1923, which caused Germans to allow currency to inflate (near anarchy) 2. Americans unwilling to forgive war debts. II. Solutions A. Dawes Plan 1924-rescheduled German reparation payment and opened door for further American private loans to Germany B. U.S Bankers loaned money to Germany in order to pay off war debts to Great Britain and France. 1. Cause money supply to decrease and global stock market crash III. Domestic policy A. Promised farmers agricultural relief and limited tariff in campaign B. Agricultural Marketing Act, passed 1929 C. Helped farmers help themselves D. Set up farmers cooperate E. Set up Federal form Board F. Revolving fund of half million dollar G.
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