Chapter 33-37 - Chapter 33 FDR detractors -Attempted...

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Chapter 33 FDR detractors -Attempted assassination February 15,1933 -Shot by anarchist Chicago Mayor Cermak fatally wounded Father Charles Conklin Michigan Catholic Priest Sough social justice Controversial Dr Francis E Townsend California physician Promised everyone over 60 get $200/month Senator Huey P. Long Share wealth program Made connection between fascism and economic crisis Assassinated 1935 Chapter 34 I. London Economic Conference 1933 -60 nation economic conference organized to stabilize international currency rate -FDR revoked American participation -Cancelled Cordell Hull delegation attendance -Strengthened global view towards nationalism II. Asian Withdrawal A. Tydings-Mc Duffie Act 1934 B. Independence of Phillipines by 1946 III. Foreign Policy A. Recognized Soviet Union 1933 B. Continued Good Neighbor policy C. Endorsed non-intervention, 1933 Pan-American conference D. Withdrew marines from Haiti 1934 E. Withdrew from Cuba, leaving Batistas in power F. Relaxed grip on Panama canal G. Did not intervene in 1938 Mexican seizure of oil IV. Reciprocal trade agreement Act -1934 A. Empowered Roosevelt to lower tariffs B. Up to 50% without senate approval C. Johnson Debt default Act 1934 D. Prohibited loans to European debtor nations E. Hitler withdrew from League of Nations F. Rome-Berlin Axis 1936 G. Nazi-Hitler and Facsist Mussonlini
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Chapter 35 Early Cold War 1944 Servicemen Re-adjustment Act GI Bill Made provisions for sending GIs to school Enabled home loans through Veterans Administration Bretton Woods economic conference Allies established IMF and world banks to regulate currency levels and aid underdeveloped countries United nations established, approved by senate June 28, 1945 Nuremberg War crime trial Highly public proceeding against Nazi leaders for their crimes against humanity
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Chapter 33-37 - Chapter 33 FDR detractors -Attempted...

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