CPSC+540+Syllabus+for+Spring+2006[1] - Crop Sciences 540...

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1 Crop Sciences 540 Applied Statistical Methods II Spring 2006 Professor Don Bullock Office: W201E Turner Hall Phone: 244-8221 e-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Friday 3-5 or by appointment Teaching Assistants Sushma Jossey [email protected] Fernando Miguez [email protected] Rooms and Times Lab 1 (AY1): Computer Lab, N120 Turner Hall, 1-3 Th Lab 2 (AY2): Computer Lab, N120 Turner Hall, 3-5 Th Required Text Robert O. Kuehl. Design of Experiments: Statistical Principles of Research Design and Analysis, Second Edition. 2000. Duxbury Press. ISBN 0-534-36834-4. Recommended Reading Littell, R.C, W.W. Stroup and R.J. Freund. SAS For Linear Models, Fourth Edition. 2002. SAS Publishing, Cary, NC. ISBN 1-59047-023-0 (SAS Institute, Inc.) or ISBN 0-471-22174-0 (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.). You DO NOT have to buy this book, but it is an excellent reference that you will use over and over again in the future so if you have some extra cash or you can talk your professor into buying it then you’ll not regret it. Elliott, Rebecca J. 2000. Learning SAS in the Computer Lab, 2 edition, Duxbury Press, A nd Division of Wadsworth, Inc. If you have not had any experience with SAS this is a good resource. Cheating I encourage all students taking CPSC 440 to become familiar with the University of Illinois’ Code of Policies and Regulations Applying to All Students” and specifically “Academic Integrity” Rule 33 (http://www.admin.uiuc.edu/policy/code/). These regulations apply to all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Email:
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This note was uploaded on 12/26/2010 for the course CPSC 540 taught by Professor Bullock,d during the Spring '08 term at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.

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CPSC+540+Syllabus+for+Spring+2006[1] - Crop Sciences 540...

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