MT.460.Unit_10_Reflection[1] - Unit 10 Reflection: There...

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Unformatted text preview: Unit 10 Reflection: There were many topics and concepts while taking MT 460 Management Policy and Strategy that I believe will make me a stronger candidate when entering the business world, they are a company’s mission statement, business strategy and action phase, but is not limited to these. By gaining an understanding and knowledge of the mission statement and how it directs and provides the intent of the company/business allow me to comprehend and recognize in the business world that I as an owner of a business must have a clear, goal oriented mission statement that will have drive and direct the strategy of my company. Without a clear mission statement a company can lose its guidance and what it over goal should have been in providing the products and service to its consumers and stakeholders. Ones business strategy is also important to be able to compete in the business world. As a business owner or being part of the business world being knowledgeable of the strategies that are effective in a company...
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2010 for the course MT 460 taught by Professor Donnadimatteogibson during the Fall '10 term at Kaplan University.

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MT.460.Unit_10_Reflection[1] - Unit 10 Reflection: There...

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