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Running Head: Whole Foods Market 2007: Will There Be Enough Organic Food Unit 5 1 Unit 5: Whole Foods Market: Will There Be Enough Organic Food to Satisfy the Growing Demand Kaplan University School of Business and Management MT 460 Management Policy and Strategy Nadine T. Lawrence Professor: Dr. Dryce Date: Nov. 16, 2010
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Whole Foods Market 2007: Will There Be Enough Organic Food Unit 5 2 Introduction Whole Foods founded by John Mackey is one of the largest natural food grocery chain which is trying to bring a more organic and natural way of buying and consuming foods to its consumer base. To give the consumers this it is important that Whole Foods continue to grow in the organic food market and as they grow, there needs to be continuous supply for the demand for organic food. Synopsis of the Situation Whole Foods enter the industry hitting the ground running, making a name for themselves and position its self as a leading natural food chain. Whole Foods Market success continues to grow, but in this market, the owner knows that he must maintain this success and meet the company’s growth targets and make a profit. By continue to adhere to the company’s philosophy and mission statement this has helped Whole Foods continual growth, through mergers, new store openings and other purchases. Key Issues The issues that Whole Foods Market faces are maintaining quality and reputation through a growing industry. Harasta & Hoffman, as cited in (Pearce & Robinson, 2011), states the organic food industry is growing and Whole Foods finds itself competing hard to maintain its elite presence. The competition for
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Unit_5_Nadine_Lawr_assignment.whole_foods[1] - Running...

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