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Running Head: The Apollo Group, Inc. [University of Phoenix] Unit 6 1 Unit 6: The Apollo Group, Inc. [University of Phoenix] Kaplan University School of Business and Management MT 460 Management Policy and Strategy Nadine T. Lawrence Professor: Dr. Dryce Date: Nov. 23, 2010
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The Apollo Group, Inc. [University of Phoenix] Unit 5 2 Introduction What will the future of education become, traditional or non-traditional? Will tradition continue, sitting in a lecture hall while the professor stands at the front of the class dispensing information in a given amount of time? On the other hand, will the online education dominate the market, providing degrees for the non -traditional student to traditional student? Synopsis of the Situation John Sperling was onto something in 1976 when he started the University of Phoenix (UOP). UOP, would not be your typical not for profit university. It would be a for profit university, that set its site on the working adults who were unable to attend your traditional style degree granting university. The Apollo Group, Inc, the parent of UOP began catering to educating working adults via online education. UOP understood that there was a market for educating adults who did not have the time or finances to sit in a classroom when they needed to working to support their families. What would later be known as e
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Unit_6_Nadine_Lawr_assignment.apollogrp[1][1] - Running...

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