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APPLICATION OF MATRIX ALGEBRa rafe - required to be...

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APPLICATION OF MATRIX ALGEBRA A matrix is used to describe an array or grid. It constitutes several elements arranged in a particular pattern which can be used to display the grid of numerical and also store them. Problems involving matrices in mathematics not surprisingly are solved in many different unique ways, and many times the method of trial and error needs to be implemented to formulate the correct method to solve the problem. With a proper more systematic approach any matrix problem can be solved and one such system has been recommended in the article. One should first of all be very clear as to what exactly is the nature of the outcome that the person involved in solving the problem requires. This step as the first step designs a clear target that the solution seeker may look forwards to. Next in line, is determining the path which should be followed to arrive at the outcome. A careful scrutiny of the data in the matrices is required and in some cases relevant data may be
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Unformatted text preview: required to be inserted in altogether new matrices precisely to solve the problem. An important point to note here is that it is not always necessary for a matrix problem to be solved using only matrix concepts. If possible one should apply other mathematical concepts like basic algebra and arithmetic concepts which can come in handy and provide “Out of the box” thinking and a new dimension to explore the problem in. When dealing with complex problems where an apparent solution is absent, focus should primarily be on different combinations of the matrices and on trying to notice any compatibility which might bring about the answer. In a nutshell matrix problems although appear to be tough and complicated specially when applied in the real world, a genuine approach aimed at solving the problem is not a futile effort and is rewarding....
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