Week 1 - CheckPoint - McCarthyism

Week 1 - CheckPoint - McCarthyism - Senator Joseph...

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Senator Joseph McCarthy's action became known as McCarthyism. McCarthyism paranoia aided in the fear of communism in public offices and the movie industries. McCarthyism is a way of controlling others through fear. The practice of McCarthyism was the way of pointing fingers and saying someone was participating in communism without having proof they were. McCarthyism is a hatred against anyone thought to be involved in any part of communism. During the McCarthyism time many political positions where thought to be held by people that were communist. Many people's jobs in political positions were ruined by being wrongfully accused of participating in communism. There was many people in the movie industry that careers where ruined by being accused of McCarthyism. McCarthy's and those that also participated, thoughts and accusations were found to not be able to be confirmed. This time was considered shameful for the United States and harmful for many innocent people just because of created paranoia. Or
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Week 1 - CheckPoint - McCarthyism - Senator Joseph...

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