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Unformatted text preview: Name: Homework 2 – Drag and Power Aero 215 Fall 2009 Due Date: October 16, 2009 In this homework assignment, you will investigate the drag force and power absorbed for an aircraft to maintain steady level flight. You will also perform a handful of parametric studies to better understand the factors that contribute to aircraft flight. Your baseline aircraft has the follow properties: Wing Loading W/S 70 lb f /ft 2 Aspect Ratio AR 8 Parasite Drag Coefficient C D,0 0.02 Oswald Efficiency e 0.8 Clean Maximum Lift C L,max 1.2 Wing Reference Area S 200 ft 2 Please calculate and plot the drag force and power absorbed (two plots) for this aircraft at standard sea level conditions, for speeds up to 300 kts (knots). You will want to structure your code such that the parameters in this study are easily changed. It is sometimes helpful to hand-write out what it is that the code will need to do. For this homework calculate out by hand the drag force and power required for each flight condition below at a speed of...
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