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I SEMESTER Sub Code : 08MBA11 IA Marks : 50 No. of Lecture Hrs /week : 04 Exam Hours : 3 hours Total no. of Lecture Hrs : 56 Exam Marks : 100 FOUNDATIONS OF MANAGEMENT MODULE 1 (8 hours) Management – Introduction: Definition of management, nature, purpose and functions, level and types of managers, Manager/Non-Manager, Managerial Roles, Essential Managerial Skills, Key personal characteristics for Managerial success. Evolution and various schools to management thoughts, continuing management themes – quality and performance excellence, global awareness, learning organization, Characteristics of 21 st century Executives. Social responsibility of managers. MODULE 2 (8 hours) Planning: Meaning and nature of planning, types of plans, steps in planning process; Objectives: meaning, setting and managing objectives – MBO method: concept and process of managing by objectives; Strategies: definition, levels of strategies, its importance in an Organization; Policies: meaning, formulation of policies; Programs: meaning, nature; Planning premises: concept, developing effective planning premises; Decision making, steps in decision making, approaches to decision making, types of decisions and various techniques used for decision making. MODULE 3 (8 hours) Organizing: Organizing as managerial function – organization structure, formal and informal organization. Traditional Organization Structures – Functional, Divisional and Matrix Structure Directions in organizational Structures Team structure, network structure , boundary less structure Organizing Trends and Practices – Chain of command, unity of command, span of 1
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design and organizational configuration. MODULE 4 (8 hours) Leading as a function of management, Leadership and vision, Leadership traits, classic Leadership styles, Leaders behaviour – Likert’s four systems, Managerial Grid. Overlapping role of leader and managers. The organizational context of communication, Directions of communications, channels of communication, Barriers to communication. Motivation and rewards, Rewards and performance. Hierarchy of need theory and two factory theory. Integrated model of motivation. MODULE 5 (6 hours) Controlling – Control function in management, The basic control process. Types of control – feed forward, concurrent and feedback controls. Factors in control effectiveness. RECOMMENDED BOOKS 1. Management– J.R. Schermerhorn Jr. 8 th Edition, Wiley India, New Delhi 2005. 2. Management-Richard L. Daft, Cegage learning REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Management - Ricky W. Griffin Eigth Edition, 2005, Biztantra 2. Fundamentals of Management-Stephen P Robbins et all, Pearson Publications, Fifth edition 3. Management - A Global and Entrepreneurial Perspective - Harold Koontz, Heinz \ Weihrich - TMH 12 th edition, 2008. 4. Management-Concepts and Cases-V.S.P.Rao, Excel Books
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