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cloning essay - A report on whether cloned meat should be...

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A report on whether cloned meat should be allowed to be introduced into the food chain Introduction “Regulations are not sufficient to prevent food fraud.” (Ballin, 2010, page 1) The public needs to be informed of the side effects and regulations on the meat. Cloned meat needs to be seen from both the negative and the positives sides to decide if it is safe for public consumers as “meat quality is of economic importance.” (Zhang et al, 2007, page 36) As it is a main source of income in many countries and is vital for poorer countries that need the money to fuel their economy. Health Risks When Dolly the first cloned animal was 6 years old she was put to sleep because she was suffering from arthritis and advanced lung disease. It was feared that this could happen to other cloned animals and be passed on to humans. The health risks are yet to be fully investigated as it is new technology. Tests carried out on rats using meat and milk from cloned cattle found no changes in “urinanalysis, haematological and blood chemical. ..examinations.” (Yamaguchi et al, 2007, page 152) Therefore rats were not affected by consumption of milk and meat from bovine clones. There has been a study by Yamaguchi et al (2007, page 178) which shows that loin samples from 404 animals (242 of which were clones), “only 3 points were found outside the clinically related range” in the clones. The data indicated that meat from offspring of cloned animals was no different from meat of controls which supports the case for the safety of meat from offspring of clones. Wong (1997) shows that fish were cloned to produce a gene for a growth hormone. No side effects in the fish and humans have been reported. Kolata (1997, page 11) tells us to “stop focusing on hypothetical fears and think of the
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cloning essay - A report on whether cloned meat should be...

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