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SWES 200 quiz 2 - SWES 200 QUIZ 2 I Define the following...

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SWES 200, Jan 29, 2008 Name Row, seat ________ QUIZ 2 DUE Thursday, Jan 31 in class I. Define the following terms. Ud (formative element): ‘udic’ - of humid climates Aqu (formative element): associated with wetness; water Torr (formative element): usually dry; hot and dry Ust (formative element): ‘ustic’ - in dry climates, usually hot in summer Xer (formative element): ‘xeric’ - dry summers, moist winters 4 2 Gyps formative element): presence of gypsic (gypsum CaSO 2H O) horizon . Fluv (formative element): floodplains, rivers 3 Calc (formative element): presence of calcic (calcium carbonate CaCO ) horizon Alb (formative element): presence of an albic (whitish or bleached) horizon Mesic: moderate soil temperature regime (with a mean annual temperature of 8 - 15 C ) o Bt horizon: subsurface horizon with an accumulation of clay (an argillic horizon) Bkm horizon: subsurface horizon with an accumulation of carbonates and clays BA horizon: transition horizon between A & B; properties more like the B horizon than the A horizon E horizon: subsurface horizon of maximum eluviation (leaching) of clays, Fe or Al oxides, OM, etc.
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