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Unformatted text preview: Trees Binary Search Trees Algorithm searchBST (root, targetKey) // Search a binary search tree for a given value. if (empty tree) return null end if if (targetKey < root) return searchBST (left-subtree, targetKey) else if (targetKey > root) return searchBST (right-subtree, targetKey) else return root end if 5 Algorithm addBST (root, newNode) // Insert node containing new data into BST using recursion. if (empty tree) set root to newNode return newNode end if if (newNode < root) return addBST (left-subtree, newNode) else return addBST (right-subtree, newNode) end if 6 Algorithm daleteBST (root, dltKey) // This algorithm deletes a node from a BST. if (empty tree) return false end if if (dltKey < root) return deleteBST (left-subtree, dltKey) else if (dltKey > root) return deleteBST (right-subtree, dltKey) else if (no left-subtree) make right-subtree the root return true else if (no right-subtree) make left-subtree the root 7 return true else save root in deleteNode set largest to largestBST (left-subtree) move data in largest to deleteNode return deleteBST (left-subtree of deleteNode, key of largest end if end if Algorithm largestBST (root) // This algorithm finds the largest node in a BST. if (right-subtree empty) return (root) end if return largestBST (right-subtree) 8 BST ADT Data Structure typedef struct { int count; NODE* root; } BST_TREE; typedef struct node { int data; struct node* left; struct node* right; } NODE; 9 bool BST_Empty (BST_TREE* tree) { return (tree->count == 0); } BST_TREE* BST_Destroy (BST_TREE* tree) { if (tree) _destroy (tree->root); free (tree); return NULL; } void _destroy (NODE* root) { if (root) { _destroy (root->left); 10 } return; } // _destroy _destroy (root->right); free (root); // if BST Integer Application /* This program builds and prints a BST. Written by: Date: */ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include “BST-ADT.h” int main (void) { BST_TREE* BSTRoot; int dataIn = 1; 11 printf(“Begin BST Demonstation\n”); BSTRoot = BST_Create ( ); // Build Tree printf(“Enter a list of positive integers;\n”); printf(“Enter a negative number to stop.\n”); do { printf(“Enter a number: ”); scanf(“%d”, &dataIn); if (dataIn > -1) BST_Insert (BSTRoot, dataIn); } while (dataIn > -1); printf(“\nBST contains:\n”); BST_Traverse (BSTRoot); printf(“\nEnd BST Demostration\n”); return 0; // main 12 } ...
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