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SWES 200 Introduction to Soil Science Name________________________ Quiz 7 Due Thursday March 6 R ow ________ Seat ___________ 1. Give the common forms of the following elements that you would be most likely to find in aerobic and anaerobic soils: Element Aerobic soil Anaerobic soil 34 N NO NH -+ 4 S SO S , S -2 o -2 Fe Fe Fe +3 +2 Mn Mn Mn +4 +2 2. Compared to the atmosphere above the soil, does the soil air have more, less, or the same amounts of the following? 2 O less 2 HO more 2 CO more 3. Soils are sometimes covered with plastic mulches to increase soil temperature. Which of the following covers increases soil temperature the most? Explain why. a. Clear most b. White least c. Black middle Explanation: White plastic reflects solar radiation (has the highest albedo). The black plastic has the lowest albedo, but the plastic itself heats up and the heat must be transferred through the air below the plastic (which is a good thermal insulator) to the
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