MT1_Sample_2 - 1 A baseball leaves the bat with a speed of...

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1. A baseball leaves the bat with a speed of 33.5 m/s at an angle of 37° above the horizontal. A very high fence is located at a horizontal distance of 88.4 m from the point where the ball is struck. Assume the ball leaves the bat at ground level. Approximately, how far above ground level does the ball strike the fence? A. 7.01 m B. 10.4 m C. 13.1 m D. 11.6 m E. 8.84 m 2. A. B. C. D. E. 3. You leave home and drive a beat-up truck along a straight road for 8.4 km at 70 km/hr, at which point the truck runs out of gasoline and stops. Over the next 30 minutes, you walk another 2.0 km farther to get gasoline. The walk back to the truck takes another 45 minutes. Upon refueling the truck you return home traveling at 35 km/hr. What is your average speed during the entire trip? A. 12.9 km/hr B. 27.9 km/hr C. 46.7 km/hr D. 25.3 km/hr E. 52.5 km/hr Page 1
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4. Given the five functions of position vs. time below, for which of them is the velocity a constant, positive value? ( x is in meters and t is in seconds) A. x = t 2 - 6 t + 7 B. x = 4 t - 5 C. x = 8 t 2 + 2 t - 1 D. x = 9 t 3 + t E. x = 6 - t 5. Two blocks with masses m and M are pushed along a horizontal frictionless surface by a horizontal applied force as shown. The magnitude of the force which block M exerts on block m is: F G A. mF / M B. MF /( M + m ) C. m + M ) D. MF / m E. M - m ) 6. Two footballs A and B are kicked from a field line at an angle of 45° from the horizontal. Ball A has initial speed v , and ball B has initial speed v /3. If ball A travels a distance d
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MT1_Sample_2 - 1 A baseball leaves the bat with a speed of...

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