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Unformatted text preview: MGMT121: Organizational Behavior L9 Fall 2010 Professor Prithviraj CHATTOPADHYAY Sample Midterm Version A Instructions * Choose the one BEST answer and mark it on the bubble sheet with a PENCIL. * Write the version ( A ) of your exam paper on the top right hand corner of your bubble sheet. * You must hand in BOTH the bubble sheet and the exam when you are done. No re-entrance once you leave the exam hall. * You have 2 hours to complete the exam. * Complete the following information: I have neither given nor received aid during this exam. ________________________________________ Signature ________________________________________ Print Your Name _____________________ __________ Student ID number Section number For use by the Examiners MC ( ) Total For the following multiple choice questions, choose the one answer that is the best answer to the question. (all questions weighted equally) 1. Which of the following statements is FALSE? A: The workforce is becoming more diverse. B: Generation-X employees bring somewhat different values and needs to the workplace than those of baby boomers. C: Employment relationships are shifting towards the idea that companies must provide employees a high degree of job security, possibly even a job for life. D: Successful firms increasingly rely on values alignment rather than direct supervision to guide employee decisions and behavior. E: Information technologies are changing the way people perform their tasks and work with each other. 2. Which of these statements about globalization and organizational behavior is TRUE? A: Globalization did not have any effects on organizational behavior. B: Organizational behavior researchers studied only large multinational companies as a result of globalization. C: Globalization has forced organizational behavior textbooks to study only companies with headquarters in North America. D: Contingencies of effective organizational behavior practices across various cultures are highlighted as a result of globalization. E: Both C and D are true. 3. According to the multiple levels of analysis anchor: A: organizational behavior is mainly the study of how all levels of the organizational hierarchy interact with the external environment. B: OB topics typically relate to the individual, team and organizational levels of analysis. C: there are eight levels of analysis that scholars should recognize when conducting OB research. D: organizational events can be studied from only one level of analysis. E: corporate executives need to understand business ethics from various levels and perspectives. 4. A computer maintenance company wants to capture the networks of people that employees know by creating a database where employees document their relationships to these individuals and their job titles. This practice tries to: A: transform intellectual capital into knowledge management....
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