Winter 08 Exam_1_soln - ) 1. A person riding a Fenis wheel...

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Unformatted text preview: ) 1. A person riding a Fenis wheel is strapped into her seat by a seat belt. The wheel is spun so that the centripetal acceleration is g. Select the correct combination of forces that act on her when she is at the top. In the table, F": force of gravity, down; Fa: seat belt force, down; and F" : seat force, up. A) Fr:0,Fr:ffig,F':0 (D +: ffig, Ft:0,F":0 C) Fs:0,Fn:0,F":mg D) &: frg, Ft: mE, F" : E) Fs:frE,Fb:0,F":mg re J t-- *v +t ' lo lJ ,yi '5 { ,J (rrfg- fs = rn ^5+ iu-F > ra5-) €r= f, _ _ ( =A a\",7s t ^nd. lV'f S Use the following to answer question 2: 2. A child falls into the river at point C. Immediately afterward a rescue boat is launched from point A. The river current is l0 m/s and the boat has a speed relative to the water of 5 m/s. What is the shortest possible time that the boat will take to reach the child? {)-.The boat cannot reach the child. (B)/36seconds n,, r r, ^ | | t I n \cf z: seconds 6 r+R chl\d b, bro.-t ln inel tr-a"\ 1(tLw\L D) 31 seconds E) 28 seconds : 5(t t,-- 0f f ;,/1,/- , l*h,t p n^u. rs ArYl-\ f.s{ @ l)^lt. T^ {h'; }ram- ,luY"u\", Jf.* "h't/ it 5e[ton ^t/ ( Ih' bo^l-l h * t ^e-;Le t" f '^ P\y V-"r, I a[onq c\ 5{r"q1..* [rna- +r f[u ch;(I o{ Qr, ,?Ll[. !,.'c< w( r.rL [^tt^q flt- r i,., { r' r *tr L^Le- Fr,t^, e^6. No bonl'" s.V"1 \+ girw wiVk rc2pau( l" fh:5 l-r**t a- , t [.. {r ^." g 19 f-\^. f,; >*on ( e Versionl Paee2 , ';f';,',\"[ ' ,, +\^> ggee-[ . I-4 I trtri^ | lb U 3. A particle has an initial velocity of 4.8 m/s toward the south and a final velocity of 7.1 m/s toward the east. The particle was subject to a constant acceleration for 0.25 s. The 4. Isaac drives -o*al "o# it;tJ#then notices a parked truck 20 meters straight ahead. He slams on the brakes and manages to stop 5 meters away from the truck. What is the maximum speed that he could have rounded the corner with and still manage to stop without hitting the truck? (Assume that the car's brakes produce jpqstant acceleration)....
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Winter 08 Exam_1_soln - ) 1. A person riding a Fenis wheel...

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