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Solutions to Practice Test # 1, Philosophy 180 Lecturer: Dr. Brian MacPherson February 16, 2009 Instructions: The midterm on February 18 will be similar in length, format and level of difficulty to the practice testThe test, like the practice test, will be out of a possible score of 40. 1. For the following deductive arguments, add in exactly one missing premise that will make it deductively valid in line with the principle of charity. Indicate which pattern it most closely fits. [4 marks] a) All mammals are animals. All humans are mammals. All animals are mortal. Thus, Socrates is mortal. Socrates is human. Chain – US + PI (or 3 X PI) Or, Socrates is a mammal. Chain – US + PI (or 2 X PI) Or , Socrates is an animal. PI b) “I think, therefore I exist.” - Rene Descartes If I think, then I exist. Modus Ponens 2. For the following argumentative passage, diagram its argument structure. [4 marks] “1[An encyclopedia is a valuable possession for a family to have]. 2[ For adults, it is a quick reference tool] 3[ For children, it provides a form of learning that complements what they get in school]. Why? Because4[ in school they have to follow a structured program]. Whereas 5[an encyclopedia lets them go from topic to topic following their own curiosity.]” 4 + 5 3 2 1 3. For the following definitions, 1) indicate whether they are intensional/extensional, 2) indicate which specific kind of intensional/extensional definition it is, and 3) indicate the likely use(s) of the definition. [6 marks] a) “Humor is the juxtapositioning of the incongruous.” - Stephen Leacock intensional, genus and difference (genus = juxtapositioning, specific difference = incongruous), lexical b) A hurricane is Hurricane Al, Hurricane Fred, Hurricane Samantha. Extensional, example, lexical 4. For the following definitions by genus and difference, indicate which flaw it commits. Just cite the rule it violates (e.g. – R3). Choose only one rule. [2 marks] a) A squirrel is a rat in a fur coat. R3 (figurative) b) A student is someone registered at a university or college taking courses. R2 (narrow) or R5 (inessential – registered at university or college)
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2 5. For the following short passage, indicate which of the proposed conclusions are strongly supported by
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solutions,practicetest180 - Solutions to Practice Test # 1,...

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