E2 Abstract - absorption spectrum and structure For our assigned discussion question in experiment 2 we were to use the class data as a reference

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Sean Thornton Chem 125-323 Abstract For experiment 2, our team’s main objective was to observe the color of a few specific salt solutions that we had to prepare in laboratory. Using our findings from these observations, we were to determine the concentration of a similar unknown salt and record our results. Aside from finding the unknown concentration, our lab group also had to offer an explanation for our unknown solution’s observable color, based on its
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Unformatted text preview: absorption spectrum and structure. For our assigned discussion question in experiment 2, we were to use the class data as a reference in determining the relationship between the color of any salt solution and its absorption and transmission of light. A graph of this data that corresponds to the color of the solution (x) versus absorbance value (y) would be an ideal response to the question and a clear indication of the stated relationship....
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