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Ch11 take-home - However the melting point line for water...

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Quiz 11 takehome Chem 130 section Group Members *Show ALL work and report answers to the correct significant figures for full credit* 1. Diethyl ether is a volatile liquid with a relatively high vapor pressure of 567 mmHg at 25 o C. When a small amount of methanol is added to the ether it is noted that the vapor pressure of the ether, independent of the methanol vapor, decreases. How could you explain the decrease in ether's vapor pressure? 5Pts. *Hint: It is not just because methanol has a lower vapor pressure. 2. The melting point line on most phase diagrams has a positive slope (upwards to the right).
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Unformatted text preview: However, the melting point line for water has a negative slope (upwards and to the left). How is this related to the density of water? 2Pts. 3. Rank the following compounds in terms of increasing boiling point based on their intermolecular forces. H 2 S, C 3 H 8 , H 2 O, PCl 3 4pts. ______ < _____ < _____ < _____ 4. What types of molecules, if any, would you expect NOT to have london forces? Explain your choice. 3Pts....
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