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80503307 The documentary Educating Peter demonstrates several psychological definitions that relate to the broad concepts of both “learning” and “intelligence” in humans. For “learning”, the definitions exhibited in the video include positive reinforcement, and both positive and negative punishment. For “intelligence”, the exhibited definitions are taken from Howard Gardner’s M.I. (multiple intelligences) theory and include musical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, and interpersonal intelligence. One concept that Educating Peter demonstrates throughout the documentary is “learning”. Positive reinforcement is defined as being “something positive that is provided after a response in order to increase the probability of that response occurring in the future” (“Learning Theory and Behavioral Psychology”, 2004). Peter is positively reinforced and praised several times throughout the video to prevent him from acting out or disrupting the class. One example of positive reinforcement with Peter is when he succeeds academically by reading the sentence “I made cake for dinner”. His classmates verbally praise him for his accomplishment and also positively reinforce him through clapping so that he will keep performing well on his reading/writing tasks. Both positive and negative punishment are also illustrated in the documentary. Positive punishment is defined as an “attempt to decrease the likelihood of a behavior occurring in the future through an operant response that is followed by the presentation of an aversive stimulus”
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Assignment#2 - Assignment 2 Sean Thornton 80503307 1...

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