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Psychology 111 060 Assignment #2 Educating Peter Fall 2009 The following questions ask you to apply course concepts to the video “Educating Peter” which will be shown in class on Thursday, October 22 nd . 1. In the video “Educating Peter,” we see Peter’s teacher and classmates discuss ways to modify Peter’s behaviors within the classroom. Define positive reinforcement and provide an example from the movie “Educating Peter” where this technique was used to alter Peter’s behavior. For the second part of this question, define positive and negative punishment. Finally, pick one of the two (positive or negative punishment) and create an example of how you would go about using one of these methods to alter Peter’s aggressive behavior. (8 points) 2. Define Gardner’s interpersonal, musical, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligences. For
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Unformatted text preview: each “intelligence” provide an example of how Peter, his teacher, or his classmates demonstrated a strength and a limitation in all three of these domains (only describe one strength and one limitation per domain). (12 points) This second assignment is worth 20 points. Your essay should be no longer than 3 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font. Papers should be typed, have a cover sheet with your name and U of M ID and stapled together. It is expected that you will use APA citation format for sources you cite in the main text and you should include a reference page at the end of your assignment. This reference page is not included in your page limit. Papers are due at the beginning of class on October 29 th . A rubric for the assignment will be posted on ctools on Thursday....
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