FormalReportEM-W10 - Formal Reports Physics 128/241/261–...

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Unformatted text preview: Formal Reports Physics 128/241/261– Winter 2010 For the lab covering Chapter 6: e/m of the Electron , you are required to write a formal report, due at the beginning of class one week later. You must: 1. submit an electronic copy of your report to the dropbox on CTools 1 before class starts. You must submit your report in one of the following formats: .pdf (preferred), .doc, .docx, .rtf. Do Not submit: .xls, .xlsx, .odt, .mw or .pages. 2. bring your worksheet ( i.e. , your original data) to turn in to your GSI the day your report is due NB : Do these on time. We will deduct 10% per day from a late report’s grade, and we will give you zero credit if you fail to submit electronically. Note that your GSI may also require you to turn in a paper copy. The formal report is an individual assignment – the work in your report must be yours and yours alone (other than completing the worksheet for this lab in class). This report should neatly present the experimental techniques, results, and analysis involved with the experiment. As you are formally presenting your work, neatness and grammar will count toward your grade. You should start thinking about this report now ; coming into the lab to perform Chapter 6’s experiments with a clear idea of your goals for writing the report will make this assignment much easier. Ask your GSI questions early and often. Review Appendix A in your lab manual for more tips on writing the report. Equations, Tables, and Graphs Equations, tables, and graphs are an important way to present theory and data in the scientific and professional world, so all relevant derivations in 6.3 (and any other non-trivial equations), tables of your data, and graphs communicating your rersults should be included in the electronic copy of your report. • Type your equations, along with the text of your report, using software such as an equation editor (if you are using MS Office 2007 or later, see Insert → Equation ) or L A T E X. Do not hand-write equations! Ask your GSI now if you have questions about this....
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This note was uploaded on 12/28/2010 for the course PHYSICS 241 taught by Professor Gidley during the Winter '09 term at University of Michigan.

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FormalReportEM-W10 - Formal Reports Physics 128/241/261–...

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