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203W10_hw00 - Due Time Monday Jan 18 5pm EECS 203 Discrete...

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Due Time: Monday Jan 18, 5pm Due at Ctools EECS 203, Discrete Mathematics Winter 2010, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Quiz (formally Homework 0) Instructions. 1. This quiz is designed to assess your background for this course. It will not be graded but is mandatory . If you do not turn in your solutions, you will receive a 0 score, which will be counted as your lowest homework score (i.e., you’d not be able to drop the lowest score from your future homework). 2. No collaboration is allowed for this quiz. 3. Each problem is a True/False question. Spend no more than 5 minutes on each problem. Your answer should be one of T (for True), F (for False), or G (for Give up). Remember that the goal of the quiz is to help us understand your background, so choose G, instead of randomly guess an answer if you have no clue of the correct answer. 4. You are required to submit your solutions from Ctools using the text box in the following format
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