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Reading Memo #3 - The chapter begins by stating the nature...

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The chapter begins by stating the nature of matter and the composition of stars on an atomic level. Atoms – the building blocks of solid, liquid, and gaseous matter Molecules – arrangements of atoms held together by chemical bonds The composition of an atom: Protons – are a fairly massive particle and carry a single positive charge (+1) Neutrons – same mass as protons but carry no electrical charge (neutral) Electrons – about 2000 times less massive than protons and carry a single negative charge Nucleus – contained in the middle of the atom and carries its charge Electron Cloud – surrounds the nucleus and is occupied by electrons (negative charges) Ionization – the removal of electrons The chapter also goes on to mention the fact that light has wavelike properties as well as properties that allow it to behave like a particle as well. The photoelectric effect best demonstrates these particle-like behaviors of light. A particle of light is commonly referred to as a photon.
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