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Proteins – form the physical structure of cells Enzyme – either enables or speeds up many important cell functions such as cell reproduction\ Carbohydrates – primary energy storage molecules in cells Lipids – fats and oils that do not dissolve in water Nucleic Acids – used for the storage and processing of genetic information (RNA and DNA) Polymers – produced through the concatenation of simpler molecules. The most common elements in cells are listed in decreasing order: o Hydrogen o Oxygen o Carbon o Nitrogen The sequence of base pairs in DNA determines the genetic information of an individual. Codons – particular three-letter sequences of base pairs. A string of codons is known as a gene . The RNA World Hypothesis proposed that in the early RNA world, primitive life needed neither DNA nor enzymes to function properly. As of now, we have no “real” definition of life. However, we do list either some
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Unformatted text preview: or all of the following attributes of life: o Heritable Reproduction o The ability to undergo evolution by natural selection o Metabolism o Growth and Development o Movement o Response to stimuli o Adaptation o Ordered Structure • Evolutionary Psychology – the study of evolved behaviors of humans over thousands of generations. • One technique we have found in the search of other planets outside our solar system (possibly supporting life) is Doppler Wobbles. • The probability of intelligence on other worlds can be computed with the alteration of a number of variables through the Drake equation. • The second law of thermodynamics captures the observation that as time passes, energy tends to spread out and become less accessible....
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