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C&D-quiz-prep - Phil 383 Knowledge and Reality Fall...

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Phil 383 Knowledge and Reality Fall 2010 Quiz Preparation for Parts C&D (Thurs Dec 9; bring pen or pencil) Let @ = the actual world (all of space and time around us, everything in it, plus anything else this can interact with—e.g., local deities—but not including merely possible things or merely imaginary things or what I called “abstract” things such as properties and trivially necessary facts). Let x is Funky = x exists necessarily, and is Fundamental (not explained by anything else). In each (unshaded) cell, abbreviate reasons that are relative “pros” for the row and relative “cons” for the column. (The Columns labels are defined in the Rows.) On the quiz I would not ask for every good reason, but you should prepare as many as you can identify. (I might ask for one top reason, or one of a specific kind of reason.) Some abbreviations for pros and cons (if what you want isn’t on this list and doesn’t fit in the cell, write your own abbreviation or footnote number in the cell, and describe separately. Ditto for reasons below that require you to “Specify”):
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