PC2 - ABSTRACT In this experiment the response of a...

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ABSTRACT In this experiment, the response of a thermocouple is studied, first free of the pocket and then sheilded with the pocket, and its time constantis measured. Here, the thermocouple is from the vacuum flask to hot water and back to the vacuum flask, and for each step, the response of the thermocouple response is recorded via a recorder. And as a final step, the thermocouple is lift in front of a fan. For each step, the time constant is measured. The maximum time constant got was 74.1 min for the step change of temperature decreasingly with the thermocouple shielded with the pocket, while the smallest one was 1.08 min for the first step. INTRODUCTION Recently, it has become too difficult for any process plant to satisfy the perormance requirements. The tougher environmental and safety regulations, and rapidly changing economic conditions have been the key factors effecting the plant product quality specifications. In view of the increased emphasis placed on safe, efficient plant operations, the subject of process control has become increasingly important in recent years. Since 1970s, process control has undergone significant changes when the availibility of inexpensive digital technology began a radical change in instrumentation technology. In fact, without process control it would not be possible to operate most modern processes safelyand profitably. One of the important parameter that has to be cntrolled during any process is the temperature. THEORY
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This note was uploaded on 12/28/2010 for the course CHEMICAL CHEM 409 taught by Professor Abdullahal-shammari during the Fall '08 term at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals.

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PC2 - ABSTRACT In this experiment the response of a...

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