RK5 - ABSTRACT This report explains how to determine both...

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ABSTRACT This report explains how to determine both the order of the reaction and the value of the rate constant by using neutralization of aqueous solution of Acetic Acid with a commercial antacid alkaline tablets (Basicaluminium amino acetate). The calculated order of the reaction are (1.1629 & 1.3065), and the reaction rate constant are (3.04 × 10 -5 × 10 -4 ). INTRODUCTION 1
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acids present in human body. This acid may then be employed for simple laboratory simulation of the biochemical processes associated with neutralization by commercial antacids used to relieve gastric distress. The experiment is based on the analysis of combined of mass transfer and reaction kinetics. THEORTICAL BACKGROUND Th reaction in this exp. is as follows: 2H 3 O+ CO 3 3H 2 O + CO 2 Assuming that the instantaneous rate of overall reaction is measured as the rate of disappearance of H3o is proportional to the product of instantaneous surface area of tablets and H3o. Therefore, the reaction rate can be expressed as follows: (1/v) dN A /dt = -K a C A n (1) where is a = 2 π r 2 + 2 π rh let h/r = α , a = 2 π r 2 (1+ α ) dC A /dt = -2 π kmr 2 (1+ α ) C A n (2) we now will relate CA to r :- dN A /dt = 2dN B /dt (from the stoichiometry) 1/V dN B /dt = - π kmr**2 (1+ α )C A n (3) The moles of tablets N B = π mr**2hpX B / M B Also : N B = mr**3 α pX B /M B (4) dN B /dt = 3m πα pX B r 2 /M B ) dr/dt (5) dr/dt = -(k (1+ α ) M B V/ 3 α pX B ) C A n (6) The rate of the reaction can be calculated from r = [R 3 +(M B V/1000 / 2 απ mpX B ) (C A - C A ° )] 1/3 EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE 1. The protective Tip was removed from the pH electrode tip. 2. The pH electrode was rinsed well with distilled water to remove any residual. 3. 2-point standardization of the pH meter with the two buffers, solution in accordance with the procedure given. 2
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RK5 - ABSTRACT This report explains how to determine both...

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