ABSTRA~1 - and leaving temperature was recorded For example...

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ABSTRACT This report discuses heat transfer by conduction in four different units. The exp. objective is to calculate the mass flow rate of water and thus the rate of heat transfer for each unit cab be found, and to find the barrier resistance between different joint metals. This was achieved by heating one end of the conducting bar and reading the temperature change at different locations of the bar. Water was passed over the bar and its incoming
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Unformatted text preview: and leaving temperature was recorded. For example, the heat absorbed was 9.79, 15.4, 22.41, 152.4, 40.2j/s for units 1, 2,3,4a,4b respectively. Also, the barrier resistance was5.3115 s° C/j for S.steel and copper for unit 1 and 3.7 s°C/j for S. steel and aluminium for unit 2. % errors in the heat flow rate determination in the different units ranged between a low of 40.6% and a high of 149%....
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