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K.F.U.P.M Chemical Engineering Department CHE-310:Petroluem Products Lab Experiment # 8 Determination of Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent And Opaque Liquids (ASTM D445) Section # 4 Group : D Written By : Khan ,Faisal ID # 926952 Partner # 1 :Al-Sadat ,Majid ID # 926712 Partner # 2 :AlSharfa ID # 921397 Performance Date : Oct 8,1996 Submission Date : Oct 15,1996 Instructor : Mr. Tukur Objective & Application :
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In this experiment,we mainly want to determine the viscosity of certain petroleum oils and fuels by using viscometer .The viscometer is a calibrated transparent glass that have an exact volume ,we should measure the time it take the liquid to pass through it ,then we’ll be able to calculate the kinematic viscosity. Viscosity is the resistance of the liquid to flow,so the thick and dense liquids have high viscosity and vice versa. Also,it represents the validity of using some products depending on the operation conditions. Experimental Results :
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CHE310~2 - Chemical Engineering Department...

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