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H1PRES~1 - • measuring the cooling flow rate • steady...

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Introduction best done in solids. caused by temp. difference. free electrons cause H.T. by conduction in metallic materials. Theoretical background. fourier’s law q/A= -kdT/dx H.T. flow rate q=mcp T barrier resistance 1/hcA= Tb/q for circular cone q=9.35e-3*k (T h -T c ) for cylindrical cone q=.0187*k (T h -T c ) Procedure heat is supplied from one bar and it removed at the other end. recording the temp of the inlet and outlet.
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Unformatted text preview: • measuring the cooling flow rate • steady state condition is needed Conclusion • H. flow rate was calculated exp. and Theo. • because the small distance between the two material ,it caused resistance to H.T. (B.R.) • the relation between temp and position is linear. • steady state is to be reached before any reading is to be taken....
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