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SWES 200 quiz 3 - SWES 200 Quiz 3 Introduction to Soil...

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SWES 200 Introduction to Soil Science Name _______________________ Quiz 3 Due February 14 in class Seat ________ Row _________ Go to “National Soil Survey - NRCS” on the “Soils Links” page of the SWES 200 web page. Go then to “Online Surveys”. Go to “Navigate by PLSS (Section, Township, Range): State = Minnesota, ), Principal Meridian = Fifth, Section = 16, Township = 101 North, Range = 4 West. Hit “View”. You should get a map of this section. Now click AOI (the rectangular one) and outline the entire section. Now answer the following questions. 1. Click on the ‘Soil Map” tab and then on the Map Unit Name 103B. a. What soil is represented by map unit 103B? Seaton silt loam, 3-6% slopes b. What is the annual precipitation? 30-38" c. What is the number of frost-free days? 145-205 days d. What is the land capability class (non-irrigated)? 2e 2. Click on the ‘Soil Data Explorer” tab and then on the ‘Soil Reports” tab. Expand “Land Classifications”, select ‘Taxonomic Classification of the Soils” and hit “View Soil Report” a. What is the order of the soil represented by mapping unit 103B?
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