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1 Final Exam: Sample Questions on Metazoa and phylogenetic methods Multiple-choice questions. 1. Under some conditions maximum likelihood and other model-based methods for inferring phylogenies perform better than the parsimony method. Possible reasons include: A. model-based methods exclude parsimony-uninformative characters B. model-based methods are computationally easier C. the parsimony method underestimates the number of character state changes D. the parsimony method overestimates the number of character state changes E. parsimony requires identification of an outgroup 2. In Cnidaria what part of the gut does the blastopore become? A. mouth B. anus C. there is no blastopore in cnidarians D. either mouth or anus E. mouth and anus 3. Which of the following is not a synapomorphy of Hexapoda? A. tracheae B. wings C. three pairs of legs D. one pair of antennae E. all of the above 4. Information from phylogenies can be used to A. infer the ancestral states of a taxon B.
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Unformatted text preview: estimate rates of morphological and molecular evolution C. distinguish homologous similarity from homoplasy. D. all of the above E. none of the above 5. Which of the following arthropod taxa gets the prize for longevity, i.e., which taxon has been around as a clade for the longest period of time? 2 A. horseshoe crabs B. spiders C. cockroaches D. silverfish E. beetles 6. Which of the following is not a synapomorphy of Chordates? A. notochord B. dorsal hollow nerve cord C. postanal tail D. pharyngeal slits E. none of the above Matching questions. Two points each. Here is a list of target words labeled #1 to #5. Match each word with one of the five terms labeled A to E in the second list below. Choose the term that best matches the target word. Terms may be used for more than one answer. 1. hemimetaboly 2. medusa and polyp 3. triploblasty 4. polychaete 5. coelacanth A. lophotrochozoan B. three life stages C. mesoderm D. jointed appendages E. alternation of generations...
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BIS2C%20Metazoa%20Final%20Exam%20Sample%20Questions -...

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