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Unformatted text preview: BIS2B, Fall 2009. STUDY QUESTIONS Lecture 8. 1. List the 5 most important elements in biology according to Mancinelli._____________________________________________ 2. How thick is the earths atmosphere? a. In kilometers______________ b. In proportion of the earths diameter?___________________ 3. The earths surface ratio is large relative to the volume of its atmosphere. Does this mean that the activities on the earths surface have a large or a small potential to affect the atmosphere? _______________ 4. We are using the biogeochemists equation for photosynthesis. Write this equation with all of the essential components including the energy source and key enzyme. _________________________________________________________________________ 5. Glucose or oxygen production is a good basis (the plural is bases) of GPP, now state the rest of the units needed for GPP___________________________________________________________. Note. Bases is plural of basis. This denotation is not that of a chemical base. 6. Why are there two equally valid bases (plural of basis) for explanation of GPP. Include in your answer the phrase molar equivalence. 7. Explain net primary productivity, NPP. Write your explanation in terms of one of the bases used in question 5. Insert in parentheses the other basis. ____________________________________________________________________. 8. What plant anatomical structures make up NPP? ______________________________________________________________. 9. Explain the notion of molar equivalence in the equations of photosynthesis and decomposition.___________________________________________________. 10. What two carbohydrates are the basis of most NPP on land? ____________________________ ______________________________. 11. What is the resistance to decomposition of the substances in your answers in question 10 relative to glucose? (high or low?)________________________....
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Study%20questions.Lec.8 - BIS2B, Fall 2009. STUDY QUESTIONS...

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