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Course : NPB 114 Gastrointestinal Physiology Fall Quarter, 2010 MWF 8:00- 8:50 am Giedt Hall 1003 Instructor : Erwin Bautista, Ph.D. [email protected] Office : 1015 Science Lab Building Office Hours : TBA. Suggested Textbook : Gastrointestinal Physiology , 7th Ed. Leonard R. Johnson (editor). Mosby, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri (2006). Description and Objectives : The purpose of NPB 114 is to present the anatomy, function and regulation of the gastrointestinal (GI) system. Comparative GI physiology and pathologies of the GI system will also be covered. VERY Tentative Schedule : Topic : Reading: 1) Sept 24, 27 Introduction, Overview of GI System 2) Sept 29 Musculature of the Gut 17-20 3) Oct 1 Rhythmic Activity and Interstitial Cells of Cajal 41-44 4) Oct 4 Regulation: Neuronal Control 13-15 5) Oct. 6 Regulation: Neuronal Control. Endocrine Control Ch 1 6) Oct. 8 Regulation: Endocrine Control Ch 1 7) Oct. 11 The Skull, Teeth, Salivary Glands Ch. 7 8) Oct. 13 The Pharynx and Swallowing
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