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WEEK 1 SIMULATION: KEEPING INFORMATION CONFIDENTIAL Simulation Overview: You will remember from my lecture that I stated, that I took issue with HRM being referred to as The Softer Side of Management and the perception that this somehow made HR an easy function to manage. This simulation will shed some light on my disagreement with this perception. For this simulation, we will explore the complexity of ethics in business decision-making as it affects people and the organization. In this simulation, you are an upwardly mobile manager for Fonst, and as you progress through the organization you are asked to review different situations and make decisions about what information to divulge or conceal. Here are several tips for successfully completing this simulation: Be sure to allow yourself up to 3 hours to complete this simulation. (In other words, do not wait until the last minute to complete this simulation as it requires some work.) After you have made a decision, be sure to review all of the information and questions
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Assignment Instructions_Week 1 -...

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