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Assignment Instructions_Week 6 - Make sure to fully explore...

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WEEK 6 CASE STUDY:  A PERKY WAY TO PRODUCTIVITY Case Study Overview: You will remember from my lecture that I provided a long list of benefits that employers provide to their employees, and I discussed the challenges organizations face with the increasing costs of these benefits. There is an increasing trend among employers to reduce benefit packages to manage these rising costs. For this week’s assignment, you will review a case study from your textbook for Motek, a software firm in California. Motek has decided to take another path to manage its benefits programs and you will evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts. Here are several tips for successfully completing this case study: You should incorporate information from the textbook, my lectures, and/or the discussion threads to support your position. In other words, tell me more than just your opinion. Provide some relevant facts from the course material to support your position.
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Unformatted text preview: Make sure to fully explore your thoughts with each question. The Internet has information on Motek and you are free to use these sources to supplement your assignment if you desire. Be sure to cite any internet source using the correct APA format however. Your written response should be 2 to 3 pages in length with 1 line spacing. Be sure to answer each question fully as you are subject to point deductions for incomplete answers. Learning Questions After reviewing the textbook case study on page 337 of your textbook, answer the following learning questions (2 to 3 pages long only): 1. Describe the importance of employee benefits as a strategic component of fulfilling the goals of HRM 2. Explain how Motek is using employee benefits as a motivating tool. 3. Do you believe the incentive benefits such as those offered at Motek can be used in other organizations? Why or Why Not?...
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Assignment Instructions_Week 6 - Make sure to fully explore...

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