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Assignment Instructions_Week 7

Assignment Instructions_Week 7 - • Make sure to fully...

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WEEK 7 CASE STUDY:  HOCKEY ON ICE Case Study Overview: You will remember from my lecture that I described a management dispute with Philadelphia shoemakers over a wage cut. For this week’s assignment, you will review a case study involving the National Hockey Players Association and the team owners. This situation also involved a wage dispute. The Philadelphia dispute occurred in 1794 while the Hockey dispute occurred in 2005—a period of 211 years after the Philadelphia incident. Interesting, that the passage of time has had no effect on what we fight about in the workplace! Here are several tips for successfully completing this case study: You should incorporate information from the textbook, my lectures, and/or the discussion threads to support your position. In other words, tell me more than just your opinion. Provide some relevant facts from the course material to support your position.
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Unformatted text preview: • Make sure to fully explore your thoughts with each question. Your written response should be 2 to 3 pages in length with 1 ½ line spacing. Be sure to answer each question fully as you are subject to point deductions for incomplete answers. Learning Questions After reviewing the textbook case study on page 400 of your textbook, answer the following learning questions (2 to 3 pages long only): 1. What role do personalities and emotions play in labor-management negotiations? Discuss. 2. How could more cooperation between the players union and the owners averted canceling the remainder of the 2005 hockey season? Be specific in your response. 3. What are the risks associated with take-it-or-leave-it ultimatums? Do you believe this is an effective negotiations strategy? Why or Why not?...
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