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Week 5 Simulation JVA Corporation Simulation Overview : JVA Corporation, established in 1995, during the economic boom is an international manufacturing firm based in Plano, Texas. JVA Corp. produces wireless technologies such as cellular phones, walkie talkies, intercoms, and GPS units. Within its large facility, located on 17 acres of land, and totaling 3 million square feet of warehouses, factories, offices, exercise room, break room, playground, kitchen, and restrooms, its employees are accustomed to the amenities that this workplace has to offer. In addition to the amenities on site, employees are offered various discount tickets, discounts on various personal services such as cell phones, gym memberships, home and auto insurance, and JVA Corp. credit cards. JVA Corp. is not publicly traded, owned by a group of friends, and employs a total of 185,000 employees around the world. Within that, there are 3,500 full time salaried members of management, which includes Department Managers, Warehouse Managers, Logistics Managers, Human Resource Managers, Security Managers, Facility Managers, and shift supervisors. The rest of the employees are either full time or part time, paid an hourly wage, with bonuses based on the number of goods produced, and number of goods marketed. Performance Management: As we begin this journey into benefits restructuring and employee performance management, let’s also consider the various aspects it entails. Performance management is often misunderstood to only mean performance appraisals or performance reviews. In actuality, performance management is a continuous process that consists of three steps: defining acceptable employee performance; facilitating employee performance; and encouraging employee performance. Performance management is accomplished through consistent and timely feedback about employee performance focused on achieving strategic objectives, and meeting goals and mission of the organization. Compensation packages:
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Assignment_Instructions_Week5 - Week 5 Simulation JVA...

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