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Week 3: Staffing the Organization - Lecture Help Print This Page Staffing the Organization Job Analysis Overview | | The Job Interview | HR Practitioner View | International HRM | Study Quiz Job Analysis Overview In simple terms, a job analysis is a thorough assessment of what type of work is done in the organization, the tasks that are completed in performing this work, and the skill and knowledge requirements individuals must possess to perform this work. Organizations differ considerably in what work they do, in who exactly they need to perform the work, and in how the actual work is done. For example, a cursory review of some of the differences in the work performed at the City of Los Angeles versus the work performed at Harvard shows how significantly work can vary from one organization to the next. Consider the following: Description City of Los Angeles Harvard University Type of Work: Provides a variety of civic services to the citizens of the City and County of Los Angeles Performs research, teaching, and public service Tasks Performed Public work services, Streets financial operations, zoning and building code services, tax collections, etc. Laboratory research and publication, educating students and conferring academic degrees, performing government and privately funded services that benefit the general public at large Requirements Technical workers, maintenance workers, administrative support staff Highly educated clinicians, educators, and scientists from a variety of disciplines and professional backgrounds. Support staff of technical and administrative workers. As explained in the textbook, there are a variety of methods a HR professional can use to conduct a job analysis depending on the resources that she has available to her. An effective job analysis will yield a clear understanding of what jobs are needed in the organization and the minimal acceptable qualifications that incumbents must have to successfully perform their jobs. These outcomes are .. 1 of 6 11/3/2010 7:22 PM
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A savvy HR Professional knows that continuing problems in an organization may be due to poor job design that resulted from a defective job analysis rather than from interpersonal conflict or poor employee/manager performance. typically summarized in written job descriptions that include job specification statements that describe the necessary qualifications. The Life Cycle of an Employee is a term I have used to describe the various points at which HR professionals must provide service to employees. Or, said another way, from the cradle to the grave (recruitment to termination), HRM is involved in some fashion with an organization's employees. Since job analysis has been correctly described as the
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Lecture 3 -...

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