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Week 5: Maintaining High Performance I - Lecture Help Print This Page High Performance HRM Performance Management Overview | Corrective Action Guidelines | Emerging Compensation Trends | Compensation Equity | International HRM | Study Quiz Performance Management Overview Perhaps the biggest misunderstanding about performance management is the belief that it consists solely of a performance appraisal. Performance management is actually a continuous improvement process that consists of three steps: defining acceptable employee performance; facilitating employee performance; and encouraging employee performance. Performance management is accomplished through ongoing and timely feedback about employee performance that is focused on achieving strategic objectives. Management is the critical catalyst behind the successful engagement of a performance management system. Management must ensure that the three steps of the continuous improvement process are properly implemented. Finally, while management is critical to the process, the process must be collaborative with employees involved and supportive of the process. Without employee involvement and support, a performance management system ultimately fails. Defining performance requires management to set performance goals that are tied to strategic business objectives, to establish accurate measurement systems that measure the progress in achieving performance goals, and to assess whether performance goals have been reached. Facilitating performance requires management to (1) identify and remove obstacles that are preventing employees from achieving performance goals and (2) secure adequate resources for employees to achieve goals. Encouraging performance requires management to establish valued and timely rewards that are linked to actual performance. All of this is done through continual communication between management and employees while also making adjustments as necessary. The performance appraisal is simply a written tool at the end of a cycle that (1) summarizes efforts to date and (2) identifies objectives for the next cycle. Callout Box
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Lecture 5 -...

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