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Week 1: Understanding HRM - You Decide Help Print This Page In this scenario-based activity, you will need to review the scenario presented to you and your role in the scenario. Then read the statements of the company personnel. After you read through the scenario, complete the written activity at the end of the section. Scenario Scenario Summary Soar-Up Corporation is a publicly traded company, based in Wilmington, Delaware. The company has enjoyed a relatively good reputation and positive earnings in the retail industry. However, with the change in economic conditions, the company must find ways to be more efficient. You’ve learned that turnover has been somewhat high during the last year, and that the company leadership’s philosophy has changed from “productive and cutting edge” to “do more with less” while maintaining quality and service levels. You have recently graduated from college and feel very optimistic about the position, your role at the company, and its future. Due to the economic changes, the company’s hiring practices have changed to encourage an even more efficient method of recruiting, selecting, and staffing of candidates. Your newly hired Chief Executive Officer, Emma Levy, is highly experienced in the field of retail in utilizing innovative ways to increase profits while cutting costs. She wants to take Soar-Up Corporation to a higher level, by implementing a new method of Human Resources staffing practices by using the latest technological developments. Today, the Vice President of Human Resources, Christine Tomlinson, held a conference call calling all Human Resource and Information Technology personnel to attend. She delivered the message of the CEO, to begin the transformation process and make the change happen within 10 – 12 weeks. The following day, IT department began shutting down some of the recruiting website and hiring
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You Decide 1 -...

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