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AP Euro Chapter 15 Study Aid - Chapter 15 The Age of...

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Chapter 15: The Age of Exploration The Italian City-States ~Venice~ Gained importance by aiding Crusaders o 1304- Established formal relations with the sultan of Mameluke Egypt o Opened up trade with the East Controlled luxury trade with the East Gained wealth & power through Spice Trade o Dominated approximately 70% of Western spice trade o Created an economic empire Possessed trading posts in North Africa, the Levant, Northern Europe, Crete, and Cyprus Engaged in slave trade French invasions in 1490s, Portuguese interference in the 1500s, and the Dutch in the 1600s took Venice’s trading role ~Genoa~ Dominated finance in the Western Mediterranean o Provided skills to Iberian monarchs o Financed Spanish colonization in the New World o Ran sugar plantations established by the Portuguese Became important players in the Atlantic Slave Trade Causes of European Expansion Economic Stimuli- Revival of economic activity and population created a demand for luxury goods from the East o Spices NEEDED for everyday European life Used in foods: pepper, nutmeg, ginger, mace, cinnamon, etc. Europeans needed new trade routes to overcome Ottoman Interference in the East Religious Stimuli- Religious Zeal and Fervor o Iberian Reconquista encouraged Portuguese & Spanish to continue the Christian Crusade
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Intellectual Stimuli- Renaissance Curiosity about the physical universe Many young men desired to seek fortunes away from home Reassertion of Government Power gave Monarchies the ability to fund expeditions Technological Stimuli- The key to European success was its openness to new technology and its interest in developing and adopting the most advanced technologies. Technological developments arose to meet the needs of exploration rather than
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AP Euro Chapter 15 Study Aid - Chapter 15 The Age of...

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