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AP Euro Chapter 26 Study Aid - Chapter 26: Western...

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Chapter 26: Western Imperialism “New” Imperialism - the political annexation of territory in the 1880s o The 3 rd and most dynamic phase of western expansion o When the west established political empires across the globe Consequences of Industrialization Industrialization created a growing and tremendously dynamic economic system o Spread from Europe to the rest of the world West = superior military power to force Non-Western nations to submit o The largest shares of profit and gains flowed to the West’s propertied classes Global Inequality- The Industrial Revolution allowed the industrialized regions of the world to increase their wealth and power enormously in comparison to those that did not Third World Countries - Nations that are industrially, technologically, and economically underdeveloped Western standard of living > Non-Western standard of living Western income level > Non-Western income level The majority of wealth went to the propertied classes of the West The World Market- Industrialization enormous increase in International Commerce o Creation of Railroads drastically reduced transportation costs Facilitated inflow & sale of Western manufactured goods, and the export of local raw materials Used to connect seaports with inland cities in non-western nations o Creation of the Steam Engine allowed for cheap intercontinental shipment o Construction of the Suez Canal & Panama Canal drastically cut shipping distances o Telegraph Cables = rapid communication o Large investments in modern port facilities o Investment in railroads, ports, and utilities British Role = World’s Best Market o Technological breakthroughs allowed British manufacturers to create textiles, iron and other goods more cheaply Merchants exported goods to Europe then around the world o Repeal of Corn Laws in 1846 = access to British markets Stimulated development of mines and plantations in nonwestern areas
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The Opening of China- European Imbeciles forced China open w/ Military Aggression Traditional Chinese civilization = self-sufficient o Trade regulated by the Qing Imperial Government (Manchus) Required all foreign merchants to live in Canton and limited their trading to the local merchant monopoly o Always exported more goods to Europe than it imported Illegal Opium Trade led to the Opium Wars o British Europeans found something that the Chinese REALLY wanted (opium) o Opium trade opposed by the Qing government Opium was ruining the people and stripping the empire of its silver Prosecuted Chinese drug dealers Tried to force European merchants to obey Chinese Laws o China crushed by Britain in war
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AP Euro Chapter 26 Study Aid - Chapter 26: Western...

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