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AP Euro Chapter 27 Study Aid - Chapter 27: World War I The...

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Chapter 27: World War I The Great War (1914-1918)- long, indecisive, and tremendously destructive o Marked the great break in the course of Western Historical Development Causes of the War The Bismarckian System of Alliances- 1862-1871- Bismarck made Prussia into the most powerful nation in Europe Alliance System created in order to maintain Bismarck’s goal of peace o Tried to keep France diplomatically isolated o Prevented conflict between Russia and Austria-Hungary Alliances: o 1873- The Three Emperor’s League - linked the monarchs of Austria- Hungary, Germany, and Russia o 1879- Austrian-German Alliance - Allied Germany and Austria against Russia Created by conflicts between Bismarck and Russian Nationalists at the Congress of Berlin o 1881- Alliance of the Three Emperors Declined in 1887 by Russia due to tensions in the Balkans o 1882- Triple Alliance - Allied Germany, Austria, and Italy o 1887- Russian-German Reinsurance Treaty - secret agreement between Russia and Germany to promise neutrality if the other was attacked The Rival Blocs- 1890- Emperor William II (Kaiser Willhelm II)- dismisses Bismarck o Disliked Bismarck’s friendly policy towards Russia 1894- Russian-French Alliance formed to stand against Germany, Italy, and Austria Bitter Anglo-German Rivalry formed between Germany and Britain o Commercial rivalry in world markets increased sharply o British unsettled by Germany’s pursuit of world power o 1900- Germany greatly expanded its battle fleet Germans saw it as a mark of pride and patriotic unity English saw it as a challenge to British naval superiority o South African War - spread Anti-British feelings about British Imperialism 1902- Anglo-Japanese Alliance - Britain allied with Japan 1904- Anglo-French Entente - Britain allies with France o Theophile Delcasse (French Foreign Minister) desired better relations w/ Britain o British rule in Egypt accepted in exchange for French rule of Morocco Anglo-Russian Agreement - allied Russia and Great Britain o Russia recovering from the Russo-Japanese War & Revolution of 1905
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Triple-Entente - Allied Britain, France, and Russia Moroccan Crisis - Germany attempted to question French authority in Morocco o Germany seen by other nations as a potential threat to all of Europe o Germans saw conspiracies being formulated against Germany by other nations Nationalism- Nationalism drove conflicts between European states o Prompted European nations into an Arms Race Nationalism was splitting up the Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire o Balkans = Powder Keg of Europe o 1903- Serbians became hostile towards Austria-Hungary & the Ottoman Empire Tried to find support in Slavic Russia b/c Serbia = Slavic o Congress of Berlin - worked out divisions of Turkish/Ottoman possessions in Europe o
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AP Euro Chapter 27 Study Aid - Chapter 27: World War I The...

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