APUSH Chapter 11 IDs

APUSH Chapter 11 IDs - Chapter 11 IDs Andrew Jackson-...

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Chapter 11 IDs Andrew Jackson- *Explanatory Issues…* The Spoils System- The spoils system functioned by granting positions of power not to those who were most qualified for it, but to those most favored by the President in power at the time. The Peggy Eaton Affair- The Peggy Eaton Affair was an incident in which Margaret Eaton, who was accused of having committed adultery, was shunned by the wives Jackson’s cabinet- men, and eventually withdrew from society. Jackson, who saw the situation of his own wife in her, was furious with all his cabinet members whose wives took part in this, eventually leading to further tensions with Calhoun, and an alliance with van Buren (who was single) The Maysville Road Bill- The Maysville Road Bill was a proposal for internal improvements in the state of Kentucky made by Henry Clay. Jackson opposed this bill and vetoed it, setting precedents for limiting federal support of internal improvements. South Carolina Exposition and Protest- The South Carolina Exposition and protest was a statement written by Calhoun in response to the Tariff of Abominations passed in 1828. It proposed that states had the ability of nullification, that is, they could “nullify” Federal laws that they deemed unconstitutional, which set the stage for enormous sectional debates and conflicts between South Carolina and Andrew Jackson. The Webster-Hayne Debate-
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APUSH Chapter 11 IDs - Chapter 11 IDs Andrew Jackson-...

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