APUSH Chapter 14 IDs

APUSH Chapter 14 IDs - Chapter 14 IDs Webster-Ashburton...

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Chapter 14 IDs Webster-Ashburton Treaty - The Webster-Ashburton Treaty was established by Daniel Webster and Lord Ashburton of Britain and provided for joint naval patrols off Africa to suppress slave trade as well as settling border disputes by accepting the existing line between the Connecticut and St. Lawrence Rivers Manifest Destiny- Manifest Destiny was the belief that it was the God-given right of Americans to expand Westward. This belief gave justification for American expansion towards the west, and thus facilitated westward expansion, displacing many Indian tribes living there, and eventually causing the Mexican-American War due to territorial disputes. Ft. Laramie Treaty- The Ft. Laramie Treaty provided an annual cash payment from the US government to numerous Indian tribes as compensation for damage caused by wagon trains traversing their hunting rounds, and in return, the Indians agreed to stop harassing white caravans, allowed forts to be built, and confined themselves to specific areas. Notably, these provisions foreshadowed the concept of Indian Reservations, and were established due to conflict between Indians and settlers moving west Rancheros - The Rancheros were Mexican settlers in California that were granted huge estates by the Mexican Colonization Act. Their ranches resembled southern plantations save the fact that
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APUSH Chapter 14 IDs - Chapter 14 IDs Webster-Ashburton...

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