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APUSH Chapter 16 IDs

APUSH Chapter 16 IDs - Chapter 16 IDs Wilmot Proviso The...

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Chapter 16 IDs Wilmot Proviso- The Wilmot Proviso was a measure proposed by congressman David Wilmot that proposed that slavery should be illegalized any additional land acquired from Mexico. Notably, this measure brought slavery to the forefront of the political world, and was passed 17 times in the House, which was controlled by the North, but rejected each time in the Senate, in which the South had an equal say. In essence, it was a key player in causing sectional tensions to boil over, resulting in the Civil War. Free Soil Party- The Free Soil Party was composed of Northern Democrats, anti-slavery Whigs, and members of the Liberty Party. Politically, the party was a mid-way between abolitionists and the supporters of slavery, for they did not intend to totally eliminate slavery, but backed the Wilmot Proviso’s proposal of outlawing slavery in the new territories. Notable as well, the party did not support slavery, but was also racist towards blacks, preferring to free them and ship them back to Africa over coexistence. California’s Gold Rush- The California Gold Rush occurred in 1849 and facilitated a colossal migration of wealth-seekers to California. Notably, it created such a rapid population explosion that California was able to apply for statehood, which created further tensions as anti-slavery northerners wanted it admitted as a free state, but pro-slavery southerners wanted it admitted as a slave state Compromise of 1850- The Compromise of 1850 was an attempt by Henry Clay to quell the
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