APUSH Chapter 19 IDs

APUSH Chapter 19 IDs - Chapter 19 IDs Sharecropping and...

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Chapter 19: IDs Sharecropping and Land Tenancy- Sharecropping and Land Tenancy were systems of work in which a landless laborer (usually black), worked the land of a planter, and was given half of the crop yield as pay. This was a very inefficient system because the sharecroppers had to borrow supplies from the landowner and pay back a very high interest, and did not actually care for the land and usually worked it until it could support no more crops. Additionally, this system was almost a glorified version of slavery. Crop Lien System- the Crop Lien System was a system in which merchants furnished supplies to small farmers in return for a mortgage on their crops. Because the mortgage was so high however, most farmers were forced to plant cash crops, and ended up in a cycle of debt. Redeemers- the Redeemers were southern politicians who supposedly generally pursued government policies of retrenchment and frugality. Notably, in their attempts to save money, the Redeemers created the system of Convict Leasing, in which criminals were literally used as slaves, and also repudiated large amounts of debt. Their greatest accomplishment however, was to “redeem” the south from both a completely agricultural economy, and rule from the north, by melding the traditional rural economy with northern industry. Jim Crow Laws- Jim Crow Laws were racial laws against blacks that mandated public segregation. Notably, they were a post-emancipation attempt to eliminate African Americans from political, economic, and social life. Poll Taxes and Literacy Tests- Poll Taxes and Literacy Tests were devices that required voters to pay or pass a literacy test before being able to vote. Notably, they were an attempt by southern politicians to circumnavigate the 15
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APUSH Chapter 19 IDs - Chapter 19 IDs Sharecropping and...

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